Pharmaceutical Development

Pharmaceutical Development:

Our team is capable of conducting breakthrough research and overcoming formulation difficulties with Cost effective product development. We do the Development of the product in the existing labs up to advance stage

  • Formulation Development
  • Reformulation
  • Preclinical and Clinical Development
  • Technology Transfer
  • Qualification & Validation
  • Setting Up of New R&D facility, New pilot plant

Development of different dosage forms and finalization of technical strategy as per regulatory requirement.

Sr No Formulation Development
1 Oral Solid Dosage Forms (SR, MR, DR, Palletisation etc.) ,
2 Semisolids ( Ointments, Creams & Gels),
3 Liquid Orals ( Syrups,Suspensions,Emulsions,Lotions,Solutions )
4 Dry Powder Suspensions
5 Injectables
6 Opthalmics
Sr No Reformulation
1 Failure of Dissolution profile comparison against innovator
2 Failure of assay during stability studies
3 Failure of impurity limit during stability studies
4 Stability studies
5 Self Life Extension
Sr No Preclinical and Clinical Development
1 Formulation evaluation,
2 In vitro and In vivo assays of PK parameters,
3 In vivo screening for various indications
4 Biological activity testing for various indications
5 Bio-equivalence Study design
6 Establishing Biological research labs for various Indications

We have expertise teams for

Sr No Technology Transfer
1 Technology transfer and troubleshooting during scale up process to the client site
2 Exhibit batch manufacture
3 Commercial batches process validation
4 Qualification and Validation of Processes and Equipments
5 Guide and train the staff to conduct an effective Technology Transfer , Qualification & Validation process in order to minimise/ eliminate the loss of time and money,
6 Responding regulatory queries related to development